Poseable Motorized “Pine Gnome”


Internal electric motor gives these lovable characters their distinctive side to side waddling movements. Just plug them in and away they go! Our “Pine Gnomes” are each individually made by hand so no two are exactly alike. Outdoor rated Artificial Pine Foliage are attached to internal plastic coated steel rod frames making them bullet proof yet lightweight and portable as these will stand up to even the worst winter storms with trouble free service. Available in 36″, 48″ & 60″ heights, by default characters have internal wire frames that allow you to pose arms/hands into various positions to hold items, lights, signage, etc.




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36" Simplified Poseable Motorized "Pine Gnome", 48" Simplified Poseable Motorized "Pine Gnome", 60" Simplified Poseable Motorized "Pine Gnome"