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Christmas Traditions Explained

Everyone knows and loves our various Christmas Traditions, but few people know the origins of these traditions and how they are celebrated all over the globe.
Why do we cut done an evergreen tree, drag it into our homes and decorate with lights and ornaments?Where did the figure of Santa Claus come from? St. Nicholas, Kris Kringle, Father Christmas? How about the traditions of Christmas Cards, Cookies, Candy Canes? The traditions are all know to us and we have celebrated them since we were children.

Our whimsical characters come to life to explain the origins of these and many more of the traditions in a fun, lighthearted educational interactive way. Animatronic characters with supporting videos are displayed in simple sets as they also explore how the traditions are celebrated and differentiated all over the globe. Each vignette is designed to stand on its own or they can be combined to create a Christmas Traditions “Village” of your own design and budget. The presentations are designed for all ages, and will be enjoyed by children and parents alike and if you’re not careful you just might learn something!

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