Animated Letters to Santa Mailbox


Animated Talking Letters to Santa Mailbox

Eyes are hidden behind sliding panels that open and close like eyelids to reveal backlit eyes that are controlled to also “blink” on/off synchronous to dialogue.

Mouth is hidden sliding panel synchronous to dialogue.

A PIR (Passive Infrared Sensor) automatically detects when kids approach and runs one of 15 random programs controlling audio, jaw and eye movements talking to the children and thanking them for sending their letters to Santa.




Decorative free standing mailbox is outfitted with a PIR sensor that detects when children approach. When activated sliding panels reveal backlit eyes that “blink” and a working mouth that are synchronized to a stack of 15 pre-programmed dialogue and movement protocols which are randominzed to perform as each guest approaches. Unit is all electrical and includes controller and powered speaker. Letter cavity is emptied at rear of mailbox. All wooden exterior contruction with a heavyapplication of weather protective lacquer to ensure years of outdoor use. Includes initial programming session.