The Teddy in Santa’s Sack


The Teddy in Santa’s Sack- A magical teddy bear lies hidden within Santa’s Sack, when triggered the bear rises up thru the presents in the sack to open his arms and speak and interact with the delighted children in front of him. Teddy is perfect piece of Christmas Magic to entertain the kids waiting in line to meet Santa and as he is completely programmable he can deliver a complete catalog of custom dialogue for compelling interactions with the kids…as different types of questions, riddles, instructions and even sing- a-longs can be categorized and triggered either via multi button wireless keyfob or PIR personal infra red sensor. Teddy can also thank your sponsors, tell a story or simply welcome the kids as a magical greeter. Teddy performs a peek-a-boo, opening his arms in greeting, as he rises up out of the gift filled bag. Movements include mouth, head pan, independent arm movements, character raise/lower out of bag. Durable weather resistant facial features and synthetic fiber covering. Built to last with solid steel internal construction he is sturdy but still light weight enough to make him portable. On board controls, audio, logic, speakers- he is plug and play. Price includes initial programming, logic and voice session- so when he arrives you plug him into a 110vac wall outlet and he is completely operable with your directed show programming installed tested and video proofed for your approval.

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