Giant Animated Baby Reindeer


Baby Reindeer is a delightful 14′ tall completely programmable baby reindeer made to look like a giant baby stuffed animal come to life. Programmable movements include synchronized mouth for speech and singing, head pan, head tilt, individually controlled ears and an independently controlled light up red nose. Baby Rudy is completely programmable to deliver custom dialogue, sing Christmas Carols, Welcome Guests and is an amazing photo op for young and old alike. Durable weather resistant facial features and synthetic fiber covering. Built to last with solid steel internal construction he is sturdy but still light weight enough to make him portable. On board controls, audio, logic, speakers- he is plug and play. Price includes initial programming, logic and voice session- so when he arrives you plug him into a 110vac wall outlet and he is completely operable with your directed show programming installed, tested and video proofed for your approval.

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