Christmas Traditions Explained: Christmas Trees/ Ornaments/Stockings


Elfie the explainer Elf hosts and presents how the various Christmas Traditions began, evolved and are celebrated in different countries/cultures all around the world. Everyone knows and enjoys these traditions, but few people understand where they come from. The presentation is designed for all ages, is very light hearted and if you’re not careful you just might learn something!

In this edition: Christmas Trees/Ornaments/Stockings:
Why do we cut down an evergreen tree, bring it into our homes and decorate it for Christmas? Where did the tradition of hanging lights on the tree and creating ornaments come from? How, when and why do we hang stockings on the mantel as part of the Christmas Holiday?

Eflie explains all of these things with a lot of help from our Animated Talking Christmas Tree (that comes to life) as well as the Video Portrait that magically changes from a painted Christmas Landscape to roll video footage explaining the traditions synchronized to Elfies’ dialogue. When not activated the tree looks like any other lit and decorated Christmas Tree, only opening its eyes and coming to life to help explain and interact with Elfies’ dialogue. The setwork is simple, warm and inviting and includes faux fireplace, mantel, presents under the tree and other set dressing.




Christmas Trees/Ornaments/Stockings

Elfie the Explainer Elf – $3,495.00
Talking Animatronic Elf features realistc mouth movements synched to dialogue as well as head movements that pan left/right and raise/lower head. Seated character features poseable limbs. Character is fully dressed per illustration. Includes initial programming session.

Deluxe Animated Christmas Tree – $3,995.00
Our Deluxe Animated Christmas Tree is 10’ tall on a 2” base for a total height of 12’. It features animated mouth and eye lid movements, as well as controlled backlit eyes. It also features an animated tree topper tilt and the entire tree rotates on its base. When at rest the tree looks like a regular pre-lit tree. When activated the tree comes “Alive” as its branch eyelids open to reveal blinking illuminated eyes and the branches forming the trees mouth open/close synchronized to the pre-programmed audio. Includes initial programming session.

Show Control System Included
16-Channel Controller with solid state outputs, MP3 Audio/50 watt internal amplifier, internal show memeory, DMX lighting and Servo control. Features internal SD card program storage for show backup and quick updates over the internet.

External Bookshelf Speakers Included

55′” Diagonal Video Portrait – $695.00
4K image displays portrait that when triggered rolls synched supporting video. Includes hi-res triggerable .mp4 player and decorative wooden frame trim.

Deluxe Faux Fireplace and Mantel $495.00

Stockings, wrapped presents, Elfie’s stool, area rug and other set dressing – $250.00

Christmas Trees/Ornaments/Stockings Vignette Total Cost $8,930.00