Christmas Traditions Explained: Santa’s Sleigh


Elfie the explainer Elf hosts and presents how the various Christmas Traditions began.

In this edition, Elfie explains the Story of Santa’s Sleigh. Elfie explains how Santa’s sleigh has evolved over the years as video footage appears on the Magic Portrait behind the sleigh. He then explains that in front of them is one of Santa’s Vintage sleighs from the 1800’s. He explains that it is the power of Christmas Magic that makes the sleigh fly and if they believe and make a special Christmas wish they can make even Santa’s Vintage Sleigh fly… then of course the lighting changes and the sleigh in front of them begins to levitate into air (with Elfie riding).




Elfie the Explainer Elf – $3,495.00
Talking Animatronic Elf features realistc mouth movements synched to dialogue as well as head movements that pan left/right and raise/lower head. Seated character features poseable limbs. Character is fully dressed per illustration. Includes initial programming session.

Vintage Horsedrawn Sleigh – $1,500.00
Restored actual vintage sleigh circa late 1800s.

Optional Levitation Rig – $995.00

Show Control System Included
16-Channel Controller with solid state outputs, MP3 Audio/50 watt internal amplifier, internal show memeory, DMX lighting and Servo control. Features internal SD card program storage for show backup and quick updates over the internet.

External Bookshelf Speakers Included

55′” Diagonal Video Portrait – $695.00
4K image displays portrait that when triggered rolls synched supporting video. Includes hi-res triggerable .mp4 player and decorative wooden frame trim.

Large Santa’s Bag filled with wrapped gifts – $295.00

Elfie’s modifed mechanics wardrobe, tools and other set dressing – $200.00

Santa’s Sleigh Vignette Total Cost – $7,180.00